Mechanism of Suicide among 15 - 19 Year Olds, United States 1990 - 1997 (Part 2).

(A chart of the other states is available by viewing Part 1 of this chart.)

chart of suicide mechanisms state by state

Data Table: A table of the chart data is available HERE.

Source: CDC Wonder Compressed Mortality Files, available at: The mechanism categories are based upon the "Recommended Framework for Presenting Injury Mortality Data," published as a supplement to the Mortality and Morbidity Weekly Report, Volume 46, RR-14, 1997.

Note: When viewing mortality and disability statistics, it is important to remember that the statistical events
occurred to individuals with lives, families, and friends.

Suggested Citation: Lawrence DW. Mechanism of Adolescent Suicide. San Diego, California: Children's Safety
Network, National Injury Data Technical Assistance Center, 1999; available at

This project was supported in part through a contract with the US DHH-HRSA Maternal and Child Health Bureau.

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