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Injury Prevention Web
statement of our
Policies and Principles concerning
Accessibility, Advertising, Content, Privacy, and Support

Guiding Principles
The Injury Prevention Web is an information resource to further the multidisciplinary approach to injury prevention. Injuries are not "accidents" they have causes. Once we find the causes, it is possible to find ways to prevent injuries from occurring in the first place or if they occur to minimize their impact.

Content and Accessibility
This site tries to focus upon content over style. We work to keep our pages small with no unnecessary graphics so the download times are minimized. We make every effort to make our pages pleasant to users with a variety of browsers under several operating systems. Our goal is for our pages to be accessible to those who use a non-graphic browser or text reader. If you have suggestions about how we may improve our site in this regard please let us know. The designers of this Web site will seek to provide information in the clearest possible manner and provide contact addresses for visitors that seek further information or support. The Webmaster will display his/her E-mail address clearly throughout the Web site.

Any safety or health advice provided and hosted on this site will only be given by properly trained and qualified professionals unless a clear statement is made that a piece of advice offered is from a non-medically/health qualified individual/organization. The information provided on this site is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient/site visitor and his/her existing physician.

This site contains links to organizations representing all sides of any injury issue. It is important to know the basis of other opinions to better enable intelligent, reasoned dialog. The Injury Prevention Web (IPW), its sponsors, and its affiliated organizations make no judgement or warranty with respect to the accuracy, timeliness, or safety of the content of Internet sites to which these pages link and therefore takes no responsibility. A link to a site outside of the IPW is not an endorsement of the site, its content, or its sponsoring organization.

Where appropriate, information contained on this site will be supported by clear references to source data and, where possible, have specific HTML links to that data. The date when a clinical page was last modified will be clearly displayed (e.g. at the bottom of the page). We recognize that the data, tables, and figures of injury patterns concern individuals who have lives, families, and loved ones.

Privacy and Confidentiality
Confidentiality of data relating to visitors to the Injury Prevention Web family of sites, including their identity, is respected. The Web site owners undertake to honour or exceed the legal requirements of medical/health information privacy that apply in the country and state where the Web site and mirror sites are located. We do not share any identifiable information, including the email addresses of mailing list subscribers, with anyone. We do not link to sites that require visitors to provide email addresses or other personal information to gain access to site content.

Advertising and Support
This site does not accept advertising nor do we link to sites with (in our judgment) a primary purpose to market goods or services. We do provide links to Barnes and Nobel in our "Recommended Books" section. The minimal amount of revenue that brings does not even cover the cost of storage and data transfer for the pages involved. We selected Barnes and Nobel because unlike other major vendors, the company generally maintains these books in stock for immediate shipment.

Support for this site has been provided in part by: The Injury Prevention Center at San Diego State University, the State and Territorial Injury Prevention Directors' Association, the California Department of Health Services - Maternal and Child Health Branch, California Department of Health Services - Epidemiology and Prevention for Injury Control Branch, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services - Health Resources and Services Administration - MCH Branch, and from a gift by an anonymous individual donor.


For questions or comments about
the Injury Prevention Web contact:
David Lawrence


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Rev. 1-Jan-2002